The cannon has an effect on 80 to 90 hectare from hail. When used correctly, the machine is 85% of the thunderstorms reduce hail damage and reduce the lightning discharge. The outcome will depend on weather conditions, maintenance, timely start, gas quality and other factors. This means an investment of 41.80 Euro per hectare with amortization over 10 years, an investment that is definitely justified for crops with a high financial balance.

The gas filling (bottles of acetylene, oxygen and nitrogen), which is good for 4 to 6 hours of shooting, costs about 500.00 Euro per year.
By way of comparison: for the Van Praet company (10 hectare), that has mainly chrysanthemum, Canna and greenhouses, a hail insurance would cost approximately 10,000.00 Euro per year.

One negative aspect are the high noise peaks generated by the cannon, up to 130 dB, measured at the source.
Rainshowers are very noise damping.
Distance in metres from the machineSound levelSound scale realized by dr. Jean Goujon
10 metres130 dBscream of pain
45 metres112 dBpop orchestra
100 metres130 dBbus or truck
150 metres80 dBbus or truck
200 metres73 dBwith open window in the street
500 metres68 dBwith open window in the street
1000 metres61 dBheavy discussion


After some years of experience and study, Marnix Van Praet achieved an improved version of the classical hail cannon. Due to climate changes and air pollution, the risk of hail damage increases.
The risk is also increased by the presence of waterways, high tension wires, highways and aviation routes.
The buyer can not invoke any claim.