Hail Control Gun

However, the most important factor that should lead to success is the alertness and skill of the hail cannon operator. Timely intervention and constant alertness are an absolute requirement to achieve a good result.

Acetylene is sprayed into an explosion chamber which
mixes with nitrogen and oxygen in the air. In the new cannon, oxygen is injected under pressure to optimize the explosion force. Nitrogen is also supplied separately in the new cannon because the air becomes too humid during thunderstorms.

This greatly reduces the explosion's power.

The electronics have also been updated and are now embedded in a resin block to prevent oxidation and moisture problems. The new cannon works with 8 acetylene bottles compared to 6 bottles in the previous one, allowing work to be carried out at a lower injection pressure. This change increases security.

After all, acetylene is a very explosive gas. The firing mechanism is encapsulated with the new gun. In the old device, this mechanism was exposed. A bird that accidentally ends up in the pipe and falls on the electrodes is often the cause of the malfunction of the device. This encapsulation solves this problem.

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